Active Plus Sun is a photocatalitic product that acts as an active ingredient in our products with antibacterial, self-cleaning and decontaminating benefits. Favemanc pieces in which Active Plus is applied are capable, in the presence of UV-A light, of initiating a nanoscale photocatalytic reaction resulting in three basic benefits.

It is important to notice that:

  • It is not toxic and does not contain irritating substances.
  • It does not run out because it does not participate in chemical reactions and because it permanently reactivates with light, natural or artificial.
  • It is resistant to deep abrasion.
  • It does not change colors and finishes.



The active principle of Active Plus Sun reacts disintegrating microorganisms such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus and preventing the creation of biofilm in which these organisms tend to grow. As a result of the elimination of these bacteria and germs, odors and toxic fumes are also deleted.



Another property of Active Plus Sun is the hydrophilicity. This means that our products passed the molecule of water (moisture) naturally present in the air, creating a situation that prevents the adhesion of dirt.



The photocatalytic effect contributes to reducing air pollution, mainly on nitrogen oxide (NOx), through two actions described below.

  • By direct action: Reduction of harmful gaseous substances (nitrogenoxide (NOx) as benzene, toluene, etc.) produced by human activity (Industries, Automobiles, heating, etc.). Degradation of the macromolecule (NOx) backed by laboratory according to EN 221 971.
  • For indirect action: By destroying pollutants ozone precursors (NOx), with the formation of ozone (O3).


active plus natural - NO NEED FOR LIGHT.

Active Plus Natural, applied to our ceramic products, destroys the metabolism of bacteria, preventing their reproduction and, therefore, the appearance of new bacteria immune to their effect (using the same technique that nature uses in the environment to eliminate them).

The antibacterial property of Active Plus Natural does not run out, it remains active throughout the useful life of our ceramics, it is incorporated at the nanometer level and does not need light, nor any other external factor, for its operation.



Millions of bacteria surround us from the moment we are born, being exposed daily to large amounts of microorganisms harmful to health that can cause infections and other diseases.

A growing use of nanomaterials has been reported in biological applications related to medicine and medical devices. Nanostructures are able to enhance the physical characteristics of various materials, such as antimicrobial properties, in addition to water repellency, resistance to dirt, etc.

Gresmanc has also developed and applied this technology in their products to be able to contribute with their materials in places where hygienic and sanitary care are essential: hospitals, schools, changing rooms, swimming pools, industrial kitchens, etc.

Laboratories have shown that, thanks to nanotechnology and the specific characteristics of Gresmanc extruded ceramics (see explanatory figure which shows that surface is multiplied in the extruded pieces), the effectiveness of Active Plus Natural is the fastest on the market because it acts completely at the nanometer level.

Our product guarantees complete self-protection of the entire surface and acts without the effect of light or any other external factor such as temperature or humidity.

Unlimited durability. We use products chemically inert that prevent and inhibit the growth of bacterial microorganisms. They are non-toxic products widely used in natural cosmetics.