Gresmanc combines the tradition of generations in the manufacture of ceramic products with the most advanced technology of the day. The R&D+I Department, one of the company’s strategic pillars, is constantly developing new finishes and products meeting the aesthetic, qualitative and environmental demands of the new building age. Gresmanc contemplates technological innovation as the fundamental value for the differentiation of its products and services, enabling it to maintain its level of excellence in a highly competitive global setting.

This is visible in its notable investments in leading-edge technology and equipment, as well as in the hiring of highly-qualified technical personnel with extensive experience in the sector, enabling the company to acquire the appropriate resources needed to engage in its activities.


Gresmanc complies with the UNE-EN ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard, accredited by certification company Bureau Veritas.


Gresmanc holds the most demanding certifications for all its manufacturing phases and also in the design stages, as well as those required for the end products obtained. The CE Mark indicates that a product complies with Community Directives binding on the manufacturer, and also that the product in question meets the Community Provisions on its manufacture.


Gresmanc maintains a permanent commitment with sustainability and the environment, and its constant interest in minimizing the environmental impact of its products has led it to obtain DAPc Certification, an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) eco-labelling system for the construction sector regulated by ISO 14,025 (Labelling and Environmental Declarations). These Environmental Product Declarations provide objective information on the environmental impact on Gresmanc products, guaranteeing the quality and sustainability of all the materials produced.


Our goal is to offer a product with technical qualities and characteristics far superior to those required under the UNE-EN 14,411 standard for ceramic tiles. To this end, Gresmanc’s technical department conducts meticulous quality assurance testing throughout all the phases in the manufacturing process and additional checks at the most prestigious accredited ceramics laboratories in Europe, such as the Institute for Ceramics Technology (ITC, Valencia), the Sebastián Carpi Ceramics Laboratory (Castellón), AITEMIN (Toledo), Applus-Lgai Technological Center (Barcelona), Baustoffprüfstelle Wismar GmbH Laboratory (Germany) and the CSTB Laboratory in France.