1. Introduction

This Legal Notice governs use of the website http://www.gresmanc.com (hereinafter, “the website”) owned by Gresmanc Internacional, S.L. (hereinafter, “GRESMANC” or “the Owner”), with Company No. B-45258886 and registered office at Ctra. Consuegra, km. 1.2,  45470 Los Yébenes, Spain. The company is duly recorded on Toledo Companies’ Registry in General Section Volume 1051, Sheet 98, Page TO-16.227 and this can be confirmed by Internet users on the Registry website.

Access to this website is free of charge except for connection costs charged by the telecommunications network supplier contracted by end users.

2. Acceptance

By using this website you are deemed a website user and have implicitly accepted all terms and conditions of use described in this Legal Notice.

Applicable terms and conditions of use are subject to change and Users are advised to read through this Legal Notice thoroughly from time to time. All changes will be described in the Legal Notice.

Special Terms and Conditions may apply to certain services accessible to users through the Website. In that event, the Special Terms and Conditions replace, complete and/or amend this Legal Notice. When this happens, the user is required to specifically accept those Special Terms and Conditions before the corresponding service can be provided.

GRESMANC reserves the right to unilaterally amend the terms and conditions of use set out on this page. All related changes will be prominently published on the website to ensure the user is aware of any changes made before visiting the site.

3. Browsing, access and security 

By accessing and browsing this website, you have effectively accepted and are deemed aware of GRESMANC legal notices, together with the terms and conditions therein. GRESMANC does everything possible to ensure users can browse in the best conditions and to avoid any detriment arising whilst browsing.

This website it is designed for the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Opera. 

The Website Owner may not be held liable for damage incurred by Users due either to the use of different browsers, or to having used different versions of browsers, not the versions for which the website was designed.

This website is accessed through a non-secured environment and transferred data is therefore not encoded.

4. User obligations

4.1 Duty to use the website properly.

Terms and conditions for accessing and using this website remain subject to current legislation in force and to the legal principles of good faith and lawful use by the end user. Any action detrimental to GRESMANC and/or contravening this Legal Notice is therefore generally prohibited.

The user accepts the obligation to use this service without carrying on any activities deemed unlawful or illegal, or which either infringe GRESMANC or third-party rights, or harm, render unusable, overload or deteriorate the website or hinder normal use of the website by other users.

4.2 Content requests

The User must not request content offered through this website by any means or procedure other than those made available to the user, referred to on the website or habitually used on the Internet. Users may only request content as long as the means and procedures used entail no likelihood of the website or website content becoming unusable.

4.3 Prohibitions

This website must not be used for any illegal or unauthorised purpose, specifically and without limitation:

1) not to infringe third-party rights (the right to privacy, the right to one’s own image, intellectual and industrial property rights, etc.).

2) not to carry out any form of publicity, such as sending of spam emails or similar communication using content on this website.

3) not to introduce any software virus, malware or any other software or computer program that may cause harm or make unauthorised changes to content or systems accessed through this website.

5. Updating

All information shown on this website is in the most recent updated version in force on the date of the last update. The Owner reserves the right to update, amend or remove information on this website.

6. Intellectual Property

All information contained on this website, as well as the graphic design and codes used, are protected under copyright and other rights of protection referred to in Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of 12th April, which passed into law the Recast Wording of the (Spanish) Intellectual Property Act. GRESMANC, or its licensees, holds those rights exclusively and all reproduction, distribution, transformation or public communication of these rights is expressly prohibited, as well as any assignment of all or part of the website content, and, in general, of any items subject to protection under intellectual property right rules according to current legislation in force.

All website content and all content available through products and services provided by the Owner, including designs, wording, graphics, images, videos, information, applications, software, music, sound and other files, as well as their selection and use (the “Content”), belong exclusively to the Owner, or its licensees, with all rights reserved. No part of the website Content may be changed, copied, distributed, included in other materials, reproduced, republished, downloaded, excerpted, shown, published, broadcast or sold in any way or by any means, neither in whole nor in part, without the prior written consent of the Owner. As long as the user is lawfully entitled to use the website, the Owner herein grants a limited user licence to use and access the website and the website Content and to lawfully download the website content, solely for personal and non-commercial use and subject to the condition that the user must always keep all copyright and intellectual property warnings intact. The website Content may not be uploaded or republished on any Internet, Intranet or Extranet site and neither may the information be included in databases or compilations. All other uses of the website Content are strictly prohibited.

This page content may not be used for public dissemination or commercial purposes, nor any alterations made, without prior written consent from the Owner.

7. Registered brands

All brands, logos and anagrams displayed on this website are owned either by GRESMANC or by third party companies and use of any website element subject to current industrial property legislation, without prior consent, is expressly prohibited. Especially, no brands, commercial names, establishment signage, trading names, logos, slogans or any other distinctive mark pertaining to the Owner may be used.

Should Users have a query about exercising their rights, they may contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency to resolve such queries. Likewise, interested parties may file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency and especially if they are not satisfied with the outcome of seeking to exercise their rights, at Calle de Jorge Juan, 6, 28001 Madrid. Contact Telephone: (+34 912 66 35 17).

8. Privacy Policy

8.1. Inclusion of personal data in Gresmanc Internacional, S.L. files

Pursuant to (EU) REGULATION 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL, of 27th April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of that data (GDPR), the User is hereby informed that personal data provided over the GRESMANC Website www.gresmanc.com will be included in and processed in files belonging to Gresmanc Internacional, S.L. with registered office at Ctra. Consuegra, km. 1.2. 45470 Los Yébenes, Spain and Company No. B-45258886, email: info@gresmanc.com.

8.2 Purpose of processing

Data collected through the contact channel (http://www.gresmanc.com/contact) is processed exclusively in order to contact you in the event of any queries, consultations and/or possible incidents.

Data collected through the customer registration channel (http://www.gresmanc.com/mg-registro-cliente) is processed exclusively to send you commercial information about GRESMANC products and services

Data collected through the Newsletter channel (http://www.gresmanc.com/mg-registro-cliente) is processed exclusively to send you news updates.

Data is provided over the aforesaid channels as the result of voluntary, specific and informed consent from the Interested Party.

Requested data must be completed so that User requests can be processed.

8.3 Legitimate right to process your data

The legal basis for processing your data lies in voluntary consent granted by Interested parties.

8.4 Data communication

GRESMANC never transfers Data collected over its website to third-party companies.

GRESMANC does however use third-party service provider collaboration and those third-party service providers may access your personal data in order to process the aforesaid data on behalf of and on account ofGRESMANC as a result of the services provided. Specifically, GRESMANC will contract the provision of services from third-party suppliers with business activities, as examples but not limited thereto, in the following sectors: technology services providers, software services providers, companies that manage and maintain infrastructure and call centre service companies.

8.5. Exercising of rights. Users may exercise the following rights:

  • i) Right to access personal data of the interested party. - Users may seek confirmation that GRESMANC processes the relevant personal data.
  • ii) Right to correct. - Users are entitled to seek correction of inaccurate data.
  • iii) Right of removal. - Users may request their data no longer be processed, without undue delay, on grounds that processing of the data is no longer necessary, inter alia, or if consent was withdrawn, etc.
  • iv) Right to restrict data processing, in other words Users may request their personal data no longer be applied to processing actions as corresponding to the particular instance.
  • v)Right to port data. Users may receive their data in a structured, customary and mechanically readable format. Likewise, Users may request their data be transferred to a different Processing Manager, as long as it is technically possible to transfer the data.
  • vi)Right to oppose. -The interested party may oppose processing and GRESMANC would, in that case, stop processing the relevant personal data except when obliged to do so in law or to exercise or defend potential claims.

Users may exercise their rights by sending a request to Gresmanc Internacionl, S.L., with registered office at Ctra. Consuegra, km. 1.2. 45470 Los Yébenes, Spain, or by email at: info@gresmanc.com, attaching a copy of the User national ID document, passport or other valid identification in all instances.

Should Users have a query about exercising their rights, they may contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency to resolve such queries. Likewise, interested parties may file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency and especially if they are not satisfied with the outcome of seeking to exercise their rights, at Calle de Jorge Juan, 6, 28001 Madrid. Contact Telephone: (+34 912 66 35 17).

8.6. Security measures

GRESMANC processes all personal data accessed with the strictest confidentiality, applying the corresponding security, technical and organisational measures in accordance with applicable law.

8.7 Computerised decisions and profile preparation

Users are hereby informed that no computerised decisions will be taken, nor will any profiles be drawn up as the basis for taking decisions with juridical effect on users or significantly affecting users in a similar manner. GRESMANC may, however, adapt information provided to user interests. Users are hereby informed they may oppose such processing as specified in Clause 8.5. 

8.8 How long will user data be kept?

Personal data provided through the Contact channel is kept until the user request is complete.

Likewise, personal data provided through the Register channel and the Newsletter channel is kept for processing purposes until users exercise their rights to oppose and/or remove.

8.9 How did GRESMANC obtain the data? 

GRESMANC processes data that is voluntarily provided by users to GRESMANC by completing the corresponding forms.

8.10 What kind of data is processed?

The categories of data processed are: identification data.

No specially protected data is processed.

8.11 Entitlement to bring claims before Supervisory Authorities.

Interested parties are hereby notified they may inform the Spanish Data Protection Agency of any incident related to the processing of their data. The Spanish Data Protection Agency is responsible for overseeing fulfilment of legislation and monitoring the application of law.

9. Cookies

All information about cookies used on this website and options available to change or uninstall cookies can be found on the  Cookies Policy channel.

GRESMANC may place cookies when the GRESMANC website is accessed. Cookies are computerised procedures that collect data about specific user preferences each time a user visits a given website. The information is subsequently recorded in small files kept unobtrusively on the corresponding user computer equipment. Cookies are activated each time a user returns to the same website and the website is then configured according to preferences shown in earlier visits. All in all, cookies are physical personal data files hosted on the user terminal and unequivocally associated with the given terminal. Cookies cannot read cookie files created by other websites.

Users can configure their browsers to prevent the creation of cookie files or to alert the user if cookie files are created. The website is accessible anyway without any requirement to activate the aforesaid cookie file options. Non-activation of cookie files may however prevent security mechanisms for exclusive services, or for some services that require greater security, from working properly. As a general rule, the intended purpose of website cookie files is ease of user browsing.

10. Hyperlinks

If a user wishes to place links from their own websites to the GRESMANC website, the former must meet the conditions set out below; ignorance of these conditions shall not exempt a user from liability arising in Law:

1) Links may only connect with the home page or main page and must not reproduce the page in any way (e.g. inline links, copied wording, graphics, etc.).

2) It is prohibited in all instances, pursuant to applicable legislation in force at the given time, to establish frames of any kind around this website or any that enable the website content to be viewed from another Internet address, and always when the website is viewed together with non-proprietary content in such a way that: (I) users are or may be induced to error, confusion or are or may be deceived as to the true provenance of the service or content;  (II) amounts to comparison or unfair imitation; (III) serves to take advantage of the GRESMANC brand reputation and prestige; or (IV) is prohibited in any other way by current legislation in force.

3) No false, inaccurate or incorrect statement about GRESMANC, its employees or company activities may be made from the page containing the link.

4) Pages that include a link to GRESMANC may never state anywhere that GRESMANC consented to insertion of the link nor that GRESMANC in any other way sponsors, collaborates, verifies or monitors the forwarder services.

5) The use of all trading brands, graphic or mixed, or any other mark distinguishing GRESMANC within the forwarder page is prohibited except in scenarios permitted in Law or expressly authorised by GRESMANC and remains subject to providing a direct link to the GRESMANC website in those instances, as set out in this clause.

6) Pages containing a link to the GRESMANC website must faithfully abide by the Law and must never provide access to or link through to proprietary or third-party content deemed: (i) unlawful, injurious or unethical, contrary to good practice (pornography, violence, racism, etc.); (ii) to induce or possibly induce the User to falsely conclude that GRESMANC subscribes, backs, adheres or in any manner supports the ideas, declarations or expressions, whether lawful or unlawful, of the forwarder; (iii) inappropriate or not relevant to the GRESMANC business activity in view of the location, content or subject matter of the forwarder website. 

At all events, GRESMANC reserves the right to prohibit links to its website and to require links to be removed when they do not comply with the conditions established in this section. 

11. Liability

The user is the sole party liable for any breach by the user or detriment caused to third parties arising as a result of improper or unlawful use of the website.

GRESMANC may not be held liable for potential damages arising from interference, omission, interruption, software viruses, telephone faults or disconnections in the course of operating electronic or software systems, due to reasons beyond the control of the company, to delays or blocked use of such systems caused either by defective or overlay to telephone lines, Internet system or others electronic system overloads.

GRESMANC does not guarantee the veracity and will not accept liability for consequences arising from errors in content provided by third parties and shown on this website.

By the same token, neither will GRESMANC accept liability for content, products or services that can be directly or indirectly viewed by means of electronic links, through the website, except in the instances established in Article 17 of Law 34/2002, of 12 July, on Information Society Services and E-Commerce (LSSI – Ley de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y Comercio Electrónico). Any user that finds a linked website with unlawful or improper content should bring this to the attention of GRESMANC.

The existence of links may not be construed as necessarily implying there is any relationship between GRESMANC and the natural or legal persons owning the accessed pages, nor may the existence of links be construed as recommendation, promotion or identification by  RESMANC of any statements, content or services provided through those links. GRESMANC reserves the right to unilaterally withdraw links shown on the GRESMANC website at any time.

GRESMANC cannot be aware of content or services provided on linked websites and may not therefore be held liable for harm incurred if these are found to be illegal, of bad quality, not up to date, unavailable, nor for any error or if such content or services cannot be used, nor for any other harm not deemed the direct fault of GRESMANC.

GRESMANC may not be held liable with regard to any "cookies" installed by third parties on a user’s computer hard disk.

12. Notices

All necessary communication must be sent by email to: info@gresmanc.com or in writing to: Gresmanc Internacional, S.L., Ctra. Consuegra, km. 1.2, 45470 Los Yébenes, Spain.

The user expressly accepts the use of email as a valid method of communication. 

13. Jurisdiction and applicable law

The terms and conditions governing this website and all relationships arising hereunder are safeguarded under Spanish law. 

Any dispute arising from access or use of this website must be decided by the courts of the jurisdiction corresponding to the user.

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