Gresmanc adapts continuously to new design and construction trends. This time, the proliferation of overflowing swimming pools in residential spaces, has made to encrease the range of our special pieces in order to provide integral ceramic solutions for outdoors.

Currently, there are three models that have the full range of special pieces for swimming pools: White Stone and Grey, from the Evolution Series and Bermeo, from the Stone Series. The technical edge, ceramic grid, gutter, curved angles and half rods to finish the glass of the pool ... in Gresmanc we have thought of everything so that your pool has all the details and the finishes are impeccable.

Go to your nearest tiles store and ask for our products to see our pieces up close and make sure they are the ideal pieces to make your pool. The anti-slip finish is soft to the touch and complies with the anti-slip regulations on barefoot with Class 3. In addition, of course, they have all the advantages of Gresmanc products, made in extruded antibacterial stoneware thanks to the Active Plus development that manages to eliminate proliferation of bacteria on our pieces.

Do not hesitate, you can also get the pool you’ve always dreamed of and be sure that our ceramic material guarantees you the durability and resistance you need.