If your dream is to have a rustic courtyard with swimming pool and that’s why you have thought in extruded clinker clay of Gresmanc, you’ll find plenty of solutions to make the edge of your pool with skimmer system: from classic pool edge, to the application of different types of our steps with anti-slip finish.

  • If you like pools with straight edge, we have three ceramic edges with different sizes (3, 4 and 5 centimeters)
  • Moreover, you can get a more classic and elegant edge using the fiorentino step as coronation for your pool, also it has the advantage that it is available in most of our colors.

If you dream of an infinity pool, in Gresmanc we have the best solution for you to create ceramic warm and edgy environment. The technical edge can build a modern swimming pool that integrates seamlessly into the environment of our yard or garden as it is done in the same colors as the foundation, steps and other special parts that we need in this space. As an added value, GRESMANC provides a ceramic grid, also available in the same color as the edge that allows full integration and also provides physical and aesthetic not be able to match with any other market grid features.

Our ceramic tiles have the physical characteristics and suitable for installation in swimming pools and outdoor spaces in general techniques. Extruded stoneware is completely anti-slip GRESMANC (Class 3 / Class C), resistant to thermal shock, will not stain... That is, it is the ideal place for your pool and your backyard ceramic product.

Feel free to check all colors and parts available in our catalog to find out which is the best fit in the pool of your dreams.