"Gresmanc is preparing the launch of its new collection on the Russian market. It is the Evolution Series made in porcelain pasta, which has already been tested in Cevisama in 2015, where it was found that is a product that the market is expecting. We believe that this series will be a bestseller thanks to its warm colors and the possibility of using it on the outside and the inside. " - Ms. Pilar Pastrana, GRESMANC Executive Officer.

Gresemanc is a family business with a history of three generations, specializing in the production of extruded klinker. There are two ways of producing tiles and the most popular is pressing method. However, Gresmanc uses a different method, the extrusion method. With this method, the pieces are created by forcing the raw dough through the holes in the extruder, which give the final form of clinkers. Thanks to this particular manufacturing method, Gresmanc International has different production lines of ceramic materials: floor and wall tiles for residential spaces, floor and wall tiles for industrial spaces and ceramic tiles for ventilated facades.

Gresmanc products are characterized by high technical performance, such as creep resistance, low absorption... Which makes this the most suitable for spaces exterior material, although it is also suitable for floor and wall tiles indoors.

"In our catalog we have a variety of colors very interesting. Our specialty is the production of accessories and special parts ceramic. We can say that we are focused on the production of special parts extruded stoneware. We have created one of the most interesting combinations in the outside our stand. a combination of tiles with gold inserts These accessories let you create a complete picture of exterior design "- says Pilar Pastrana.

"Another new feature is present in the center of our stand. This is a ceramic grid infinity pools. This product is characterized by high efficiency, as well as physical and technical advantages."

What countries sales network is present?

"Our Extruded stoneware products reach more than 70 countries. Italy, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, China ... are also very well received in the Middle East, for example, in the United Arab Emirates The Russian market is definitely, one of the most important for us."

How is Gresmanc stand?

"I think this edition of Cevisama is doing quite well, better than last year. A lot of people are going through our stand. Cevisama is always very important to us, it is one of the best opportunities to attract new international customers. For Cevisama us represents our start to the season."