Manuel Garcia, Head of Technical Department, Conceso Garrido, Commercial Director and David López-Rey, Head of Sales of Gresmanc in Alicante, were responsible to represent our brands on this journey to which were invited more than 200 distributors, installers and designers in the world of pool.

The Gresmanc material and KlinkerTech had the interest and public recognition to configure solutions floor and wall pools that guarantee the physical qualities necessary in this type of projects, besides providing an optical aesthetics for both residential environments and public or sports.

The most appreciated by the audience pieces have been the edges of pool. KlinkerTech offers a variety of solutions for pools with infinity system. We have all the technical edges required by the projects for competition pools, sports complexes and public facilities that determine policy. We complement our solutions coronation of ceramic pools with a unique grille, patented by our brand, which provides a perfect water drainage in addition to setting a seamless aesthetic for avoiding the use of plastic grids.

In the field of residential pools, Gresmanc has developed multiple edges of pools chords with different styles and trends so we can get our home in an outdoor space with a perfect aesthetic integration. The proposal GRESMANC is that the edge of the pool to continue with the same color as the tiles used in our yard or garden and even we can also coat the inside of the pool with the same material recreating enveloped by the warmth of ceramics environments.