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Building Quality of Life

Gres de La Mancha is the result of three generations dedicated to the manufacture of ceramic products. Its activity focuses particularly on the production, under the Gresmanc brand name, of Extruded Clinker Clay, an enamelled ceramic material offering high resistance, durability and low absorption, responding to the most demanding requirements of national and international markets at the present time.

The extraordinary quality of the Gresmanc products and its complete range of special items have turned the company into a world-wide reference, thanks to its permanent wager in favour of innovation to provide its clients with the best results in terms of design, quality, functionality and service.

Special Pieces

Ángulo Curvo
Borde Piscina Clásico
Borde Piscina Técnico
Cantonera 55
Cantonera 100
Cartabón Borde Piscina Clásico Exterior
Cartabón Borde piscina Clásico Interior
Esquina Fiorentino
Media Caña N1
Media Caña N2
Media Caña N3
Media Caña N4
Media Caña N5
Pasamanos N1
Pasamanos N2
Peldaño Fiorentino
Peldaño Recto Liso
Peldaño Recto Nuevo
Peldaño Recto Nuevo Sin Rayas
Peldaño Vierteaguas
Remate Friso
Remate Zócalo
Tabica Domus
Tabica Ondulada
Zanquín Classic
Zanquín Recto Liso
Zanquín Recto Plus
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