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New multifunctional pavement

Gresmanc’s technical product line incorporate a new multifunctional development with 40 mm thick ceramic piece and format of 1200 x 330 mm. 

The main application of this development consists it is as raised flooring in outdoor spaces due to its high resistance and durability as well as its ease of installation. This piece us also ideal as a step tile and as a pool edge. 

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Piezas Especiales

Ángulo Curvo
Borde Piscina Clásico
Borde Piscina Técnico
Cantonera 55
Cantonera 100
Cartabón Borde Piscina Clásico Exterior
Cartabón Borde piscina Clásico Interior
Esquina Fiorentino
Media Caña N1
Media Caña N2
Media Caña N3
Media Caña N4
Media Caña N5
Pasamanos N1
Pasamanos N2
Peldaño Fiorentino
Peldaño Recto Liso
Peldaño Recto Nuevo
Peldaño Recto Nuevo Sin Rayas
Peldaño Vierteaguas
Remate Friso
Remate Zócalo
Tabica Domus
Tabica Ondulada
Zanquín Classic
Zanquín Recto Liso
Zanquín Recto Plus
Volga – Base multifuncional 1200 x 330 x 40
Volga - 1200 x 330 x 40 multifunctional ceramic tiles with raised flooring supports
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